Flex Drill Adapter

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Whether you’re putting together furniture, redoing your bathroom, or securing shelves, you often need to get your drill bit into tight, sometimes impossible-to-reach corners. That’s where the Flex Drill Adapter comes in. Just attach it to your drill, and the flexible adapter extends your range and lets you wiggle your drill bit into any tight spot. That means no weird angles, no trying to drill upside down, and no excuse for abandoning a handyman project (sorry).

The 11.8 inch flexible shaft is made of high carbon steel  and extends the reach of your screwdriver / drill making it easy to reach screws in any narrow space, dead angle and anywhere else a screwdriver normally can't reach.

The Flex Drill's shaft head is compatible with ANY 1/4 hexagonal handle head.

Due to Extremely High Demand, Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery